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Laser hair removal, the most frequently asked questions

Laser air removal in Morocco
Laser, Skin & Slim Clinic- Agadir, Morocco

In this part of the blog, I develop questions that patients often ask me.

This page was written by Doctor Hasnaa Doblali, specialist in aesthetic medicine, laser and nutrition, based in Agadir. Doctor Hasnaa Doblali is a graduate of the International College of Aesthetic Medicine in Paris. She is therefore an expert in these treatments.

This page is purely informative, it is in no way an advertisement or praise for these treatments.

Who can perform laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-delegable medical procedure. This is established by the decree of 06/01, modified by the decree of 22/02/2000.

Only a doctor can perform it, ideally he must have laser training.

At what age to start laser hair removal?

Pour les femmes je conseille de commencer l'épilation à partir de 25 ans.

Personnellement, je ne réalise pas d'épilation laser chez les mineurs car l'instabilité hormonale sera cause d'échec.

Laser hair removal for dull and black skin


ey can be treated without any problem, you just have to choose the appropriate laser and know how to configure this laser on this type of skin that is more sensitive to developing burns or even spots.

Durability of laser hair removal. Permanent hair removal or not

Laser hair removal is long-lasting, not permanent hair removal. It is said to be progressively permanent.

Hair regrowth is hormone-dependent, so pregnancy or menopause can cause about 20% regrowth.

Hair removal laser and sun exposure

Sun exposure is not recommended before and after sun exposure.

For tanned skin, it must be reported to the doctor so that he can adapt the type of laser and the parameters.

After the laser session, there is not really a deadline to respect. As soon as the skin is no longer red or in the healing phase, "reasonable" sun exposure is possible.

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