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NUTRITION and weight

Dr Hasnaa Doblali works as  as a nutritionist and aesthetic doctor  in Agadir.


Which does not have  ever dieted? Who never got fat  again after a diet?

Skin & Slim Clinic supports you in  through  a  personalized trip  which is above all a form of fitness that will be put in place gradually.  Balanced meals  proposed  are specially designed  according to the needs of each patient.

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A colorful plate is a healthy plate

According to Dr Hasnaa Doblali a healthy and balanced diet is the basis of good health.  

Our support consists of a first one hour consultation:

  • Making contact  

  • Clinica examination and impedancemetry

  • Prescription blood test

Then a nutritional follow-up of 3 or 6 month will be planned as appropriate.


Micronutrition for successful aging

Micronutrition enables primary and secondary prevention against chronic diseases using blood tests.

It has been discovered that specific minerals with vitamins are needed to preserve life.  

Vitamins and minerals have an active role in the formation and maintenance of the structure and function of the organism. They are essential for the regulation of metabolism and are important components for gene expression.

Micronutrition Agadir , Skin Slim Clinic , Régime
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The hunt for unsightly greasy beads  

The treatment of the silhouette is part of the slimming process through anti-cellulite dietary advice,  care adapted to each patient  are advised by our doctor, Dr Hasnaa Doblali.

The complete slimming protocol offered at the Skin & Slim Clinic Center in Agadir, integrates the treatment of lipocavitation, radiofrequency and  pressotherapy.

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