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Endolift Morocco

Skin & Slim Clinic is equipped with Endolift®, the 1470 nm laser.

This is a minimally invasive technique to restructure the skin and reduce its laxity, also known as non-surgical facelift for mild skin slackening of the face, neck and body. This technique can also treat excess fat in a given area.


Endolift by Eufoton

Here, the laser is transmitted by a single-use optical microfiber, introduced into the
dermis, to treat an area of sagging skin on the face or body. This
microfiber is very fine: less than a millimeter in diameter.
The microfiber is thus moved several times in the area. It will heat the dermis
in order to obtain the re-tensioning of the skin. The laser thus creates lesional micro-channels, which stimulates the retraction of cutaneous tissues and, in a second step, stimulates the fibroblasts, which then create new collagen. The fabrics are therefore treated from the inside! Different areas of the face and body where sagging skin is more marked, possibly accompanied by localized adiposity, are affected by this laser treatment.


Face and body

Endolift à Agadir, Morocco

areas of the face

  • Mandibular edge

  • jowls

  • face oval

  • Folds of bitterness

  • Double chin

  • Puffiness and lower eyelids

  • bar codeneck


Body areas

  • Abdomen

  • Inner thighs

  • Inside of the arms

  • Love handles

  • Knees

  • Inner sides of the thighs,

  • inside arms,


It is also possible to treat inflammatory scars and keloids as well ascellulite.

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