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Aesthetic medicine  MEN MOROCCO

We are happy to dedicate   a men's space in our aesthetic medicine center in Agadir. 


Skin & Slim Clinic offers aesthetic medicine treatments in Morocco for men:

Botox and hyaluronic acid injections, wrinkle fillers, peels, mesotherapy , PRP, hair removal  laser, hair transplant, Vivace Experience.


The signature of the hands of Dr. Hasnaa Doblali will help nature to perfect your body and respect your masculinity  naturelle .

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Erase the marks of time and improve the appearance of your skin thanks to  : botox, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy, PRP and  peeling.

Laser hair removal for men in agadir, laser hair removal in agadir, laser hair removal in Morocco, hair removal in Morocco

Permanently eliminate your hair with our  latest generation Deka laser.

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Dr Hasnaa Doblali puts her experience and dexterity at your service to advise you on the hair care techniques best suited to your case.

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