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The 6 Common Myths About Botox and Filler

Botox and filler or hyaluronic acid remain the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures that have helped thousands of people around the world look younger for longer. However, they remain controversial by many.

Indeed, there are several myths and rumors regarding the efficacy and safety of these two treatments, most of which remain unfounded.

Today we are going to try to clear things up about these treatments and correct some myths around their use and give you the truth about #botox and #filler.

Botox before and after
Botox Before and after

1- Botox is toxic and dangerous

Many people believe that botox can be a form of botulism that can be dangerous. What is true is that botox is derived from a toxin, botulinum toxin, and its use to treat expression lines in aesthetic medicine is completely safe. You should know that the FDA only approves treatments on which scientific research and experimentation have been carried out and which have proven their total safety for human use.

2- Once you have done Botox or fillers, you have to do them all your life!

Many people believe that once #Botox or #fillers injections are started, their skin will sag and have more wrinkles than before. Which is not true. When the #botox and #filler effect wears off, your skin will look exactly like it did before the treatment and not worse.

What is clear is that people love the effects on their face so much that they will continue to do so more often for years to come.

3- Botox and fillers are very painful

There will actually always be some degree of discomfort during the injections; but it is completely bearable. People compare the feeling of injecting #botox to insect bites. The #filler, when it contains an anesthetic agent which makes the injection very bearable.

4- Botox makes you lose your facial expressions

You should know that #Botox actually only relaxes the muscle responsible for the wrinkle at the point of injection, which means that it cannot completely remove facial expressions.

Injected by a trained doctor, the patient can still maintain a facial expression without any problem.

5- Botox is only used for facial wrinkles

The #botox in fact has several indications other than the treatment of expression wrinkles, it is indeed indicated in the treatment of migraines, in bruxism, in excessive sweating, in the relaxation of the neck and many other indications.

6- Botox and fillers cannot be used together

In fact you don't need to choose between one and the other, because when the indication is well put, the joint use of #botox and #filler on your face, gives very nice results.

In fact the #botox will treat your expression wrinkles, while the #filler will fill the hollows, give volume and also moisturize your skin!


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