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Hydrafacial, the star treatment!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It is the only hydradermabrasion treatment for facial skin that uses patented technology.Hydrafacial, with its moisturizing and cleansing action, tones the skin, minimizes pore congestion, improves skin texture, evens out the complexion...

What are the indications for Hydrafacial treatment?

HydraFacial© treats all phototypes of face and neck skin.It meets the needs of all skin types, from the oiliest to the most sensitive:

  • Dull complexion

  • Skin texture imperfections

  • Oily and congested skin

  • Pores.

Only one contraindication: allergies to aspirin and algae.

HydraFacial© is not recommended during pregnancy and for people undergoing anti-acne treatment (ongoing treatment and up to 1 year later) due to the fragility of the skin.

Procedure for a Hydrafacial treatment session

The unparalleled HydraFacial© system uses patented technology, it allows a non-invasive peeling of the skin of the face and neck.

The session lasts from 30 min to 1h30 depending on the treatment chosen, with Doctor Hasnaa Doblali The treatment takes place according to a specific protocol:

1. Cleansing & Peeling: Deep skin cleansing combined with exfoliation and relaxing HYDROPEEL resurfacing to slough off dead skin cells and uncover a new layer of skin. Peeling based on lactic, salicylic and hyaluronic acids, the concentrations are adapted according to the needs of the patient.

2. Suction & Hydration: Extraction by gentle suction of comedones, sebum and impurities, while nourishing the skin with hydration. The skin is thus deeply decongested

3. Bath of Serums + Protection: Bath of serums based on antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and total protection of the skin. LED Aesthetics as the final touch, the treatment is finalized with a phototherapy session for excellent therapeutic benefit.

Depending on the type of skin, the Doctor recommends the appropriate protocol. Always very important to analyze the skin and do the treatment you need.

HydraFacial can also be combined with a complete LED treatment.

How often should I do my sessions:

Classic cleaning: 1 treatment per month or per quarter

Imperfections & complexion: 3 to 6 sessions over 2 months.

Rejuvenation: 6 sessions over 2 months

The aftermath of the session

HydraFacial is painless, non-invasive and non-irritating. It is an excellent treatment, the patients are delighted with it.

The protocol developed by Dr. Hasnaa Doblali gives a magnificent boost to the skin. You can return to your daily activities immediately after the session. Dr. Hasnaa Doblali's assistants can take the time to apply make-up or reduce redness if necessary.

If, in rare cases, redness appears on the treated areas, it will gradually disappear over the day.

The Hydrafacial sessions are to be repeated at least every month for a basic cleaning, or 3 to 6 sessions over 2 months for a special treatment (rejuvenation, etc.)

By regularly renewing the sessions, you ensure an overall and notable improvement in the facial skin, totally hydrated and clean. This facial treatment is in high demand, the results are always present.

Do not hesitate to come to Skin & Slim Clinic in Agadir, Morocco and consult Dr. Hasnaa Doblali for a skin diagnosis, she will recommend the best hydrafacial protocol adapted to your skin type.


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